By the throat

There hasn't been an update for awhile and for good reason.

Back in April I was experiencing severe throat pain and difficulty talking. I was able to see an Ear Nose and Throat doctor fairly quickly in order to check out the problem. During a check with an Endoscope the doctor was able to locate a fairly obvious cyst in the back of my throat.

As result of this cyst and the pain caused by it I was modifying the way I sing. This has cause some major damage to my vocal cords and I essentially ended up with the vocal range of a door bell.
This of course has put a hold on recording vocals for the new EP and being able to rehearse for live shows.
There has been some progress in building my voice back up thanks to singing tuition but I have had to relearn everything from scratch as the methods I was using before no longer work.
I know people have been waiting for awhile for something new to come out but being at the stage of recording vocals & not being able to sing at a level I'm accustomed to doesn't really help.

I will keep people up to date as of the progress of my voice, but in the meantime you are all going to have to hold out and hopefully the new techniques will yield even better results.

Thank you all for your support

- H