No Control - The Milieu Control Remixes

It is official.

No Control; the Milieu Control remixes EP is coming in April 2011.

What started as a few messages on twitter has turned into a 7 song EP that will be released via bandcamp. Best of all you can pay what you want for it.

No Control with feature remixes from the following artists:

Cellmod - http://www.cellmodmusic.com/
Cold Divide - http://www.colddivide.com/
Hexakai Dekagon -
Mr Mark Dollin - http://m.thequietrevolution.net/mmd/
Sefiros - http://www.sefiros.co.uk/
T-Zero - http://t-zero.bandcamp.com/
You Shriek - http://youshriek.com/

Be sure to check out their music.

Information on tracklistings and exact release date will be given closer to April.

For updates on progress of remixes (and updates on the next distaudio release in 2011) as they come in be sure to follow distaudio on Twitter and Facebook.